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$ 123/mo

Billed monthly
Graphic Design Support
2 Social Posts Per Month
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$ 456/mo

Billed monthly
Unlimited Graphic Design
Website Hosting & Design
Website Analytics & Reports
1 Social Post Per Week
2 SEO Links Per Month
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$ 789/mo

Billed monthly
Unlimited Graphic Design
Website Hosting & Design
Website Analytics & Reports
1 Social Post Per Week
10 SEO Links Per Month
Keyword Tracking
Google & Hulu Ads Management
(ad budget not included)
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is graphic design support?

The internet constantly needs graphics. While AI can make a cat dance on a banana, it struggles with simple tasks like creating a banner for your Facebook that matches your brand or designing an attractive business card. We use the economies of scale to provide affordable graphic design support for anything 2D you need.

What do you mean by unlimited?

Make a request. We design it. You ask for revisions. We send you the final. Rinse and repeat. All we ask is that you keep it to one request at a time. Many of the requests we get take less than a day. So unlimited simply means as many as we can finish for you in a given time period.

What do I get with website design?

If you don't have a website, we will build you one. If you have a website, we will review it to see if it is feasible for us to take it over or just redo it. Either way is included in the monthly fee, just keep in mind that is coordination takes time. Most clients have a new or revised website in 1 to 3 months, depending on the complexity of the situation. We work with your IT providers if you have some. Any request like a new page or added paragraph is included in this price. We do prefer that you give us the written content though we can write it if you aren't super particular.

What are SEO links?

The main reason why websites rank in Google is that other websites link to them. It's likely that no one is going to blog about you... sorry! We have a huge network of content websites that we can get you links every month. Plans 456 and 789 include SEO links.

What is keyword tracking?

If you choose 789 then we can also track up to 50 keywords that you would like to rank for. Keywords are the terms someone uses to search for something. If you are a plumber, a keyword might be "plumber near me Nashville."

What do you do with Google or Hulu?

We can run ads for your business in either of those platforms. The 789 package includes our management but not your ad spend. You will also need to provide a 30 second ad for Hulu. You will get ad reporting in your portal.